What is Barrel Racing?

What is Barrel Racing ?

Barrel Racing is a rodeoWhat is barrel racing event in which a horse and rider attempt to run a cloverleaf pattern around  three preset barrels in the fastest time.

The sport of Barrel Racing combines the horse’s athletic ability and the horsemanship skills of a rider in order to safely and successfully maneuver the horse around three barrels placed in a triangle pattern within a large arena. 

What is the Barrel Racing Pattern?

Barrel Racing Pattern to the Right

Most barrel racers run their pattern to the right; however, some barrel racers run their horses to the left.Barrel Pattern to the Left

The pattern has to be clean and none of the barrels can be knocked down. The fastest time around the three barrels wins the race and in most races the fastest time wins money.

Both women and men can compete at amateur and youth levels in clubs like the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA), International Barrel Horse Association (IBRA) and 4-H

In collegiate and professional ranks, such as a Professional Rodeo event the Barrel Racing competitors are mainly women.  

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