Where can I watch Barrel Racing?

Luckily now you can watch a where can I watch barrel racing many more barrel races than you could even 5 to 10 years ago. Here we are going to go over several ways to watch barrel races.

Watch Barrel Racing through Cable Provider

RFD & Cowboy Channel & RideTV

The RFD Channel, Cowboy channel & RideTv channels are offered with your cable provider. If you have no cable plan or stream your tv viewing then they also offer paid streaming services for their channels. 

Like the on demand with cable, you have the ability to replays of shows if they are not currently on the live schedule. The Cowboy Channel and the RFD channel mainly feature rodeos though RideTv does webcast the National Barrel Horse Association World Finals for both adults and youth.

RFD & Cowboy Channel & RideTV Streaming Links

Where can I watch Barrel Racing for free?

Many producers of the larger barrel races put their races on webcast on the internet which is fantastic. Most of the time all you need is decent internet & WiFi speed to watch the races live.

Watch Barrel Racing on Free Webcasts at 321 Action Video & Visiworks

321 Action Video & Visiworks are the two main companies that webcast barrel races.

321 Action Video specializes in webcasts of equine events and they video many of the large barrel races. If you go to the 321 Action Video site they will list the barrel races that they are currently videoing as well as their upcoming webcast of barrel races. They also have several other equine events that they webcast too.

Visiworks also webcasts barrel races as well.  You can keep track of their webcasts with up to date information from their Facebook page.

321 Action Video & Visiworks Webcast Links

Producers Webcast too

Some barrel racing producers’ webcast their events too.

SC Productions webcasts their events. They have their 2021 Don’t Look Back tour. You can view their webcast at here.

Where can I find producers that webcast their barrel races?

Being that it might be difficult to find out producers that are webcasting their races you can check out barrel racing event sites that offer information on current and upcoming barrel races. 

☝️Rule of thumb, the larger payout shows typically offer webcasts.

Where to find the current and upcoming barrel races.

Barrel Horse World has an events page. On the Barrel Horse World’s events  visit site you can sort by state.  The Barrel Horse World’s events schedule can also be sorted by sanction. Sanction is the association that is putting on the barrel race or has a side pot within the barrel race.

Barrel Horse Events which is a sister site to Barrel Horse World also lists upcoming races on their events page. Note that you can only sort the barrel races by state.

EBarreRacing is a site listed exclusively for upcoming barrel races too. The races marked as featured are more than likely your larger money races if you are seeking a webcast.    

Barrel Racing Event Links

Search Facebook to watch Barrel Racing live.

Another way to find webcast rather than looking at the events page is to conduct a simple Facebook search. Sometimes actual Live streams come up.

Or you can perform a search  of  “barrel race webcast” under “Posts”. All the results with the keywords will come up.  Note that you will need to sort by year to go to the most recent live barrel racing webcasts. We performed a test search and the most recent barrel racing webcasts do appear in order.

This seems to be much easier than looking at individual barrel races that were previously mentioned.

Want more Barrel Racing information?

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