Stay calm so your horse stays calm

"Stay calm so your horse stays calm."

Horses are instinctively flight animals.

Stay calm so your horse stays calm is very true when it comes to horsemanship. Horses are much like people and are programmed for fight and both fight. But most of the time horses will choose flight.

Flight is the horses’ primary instinct. Now when the flight response is triggered the horses adrenaline spikes. Because of the instinctive flight response your horse lacks the intelligence to understand what is happening to them  and doesn’t have the ability to control this response. Meaning once a horse has switch to flight mode and runs their ability to think has completely been shut off.

Horses are instinctively herd animals. Your leadership role is important.

Horses are also by nature herd animals. Studies have shown that in herds’ horses have a pecking order. This means one horse within the herd is the leader and the others are in fact followers.

Combining that horses are herd animals and instinctively are flight animals this is where your leadership is important with stay calm so your horses stays calm because they will follow your lead. Horses after all horses understand our body language too.

Horses can feel your heart beat.

Think about it… If horses can feel a small fly on their back they can certainly feel your heart beat. The same adrenaline spike that horses have we have them too and horses can feel and sense it. So, stay calm so your horse stays calm applies to both handling on the ground and riding too.


 When “stay calm so your horse stays calm” is applied to both handling on the ground and riding continuously “stay calm so your horse stays calm” will be super beneficial to you at the barrel race. 

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