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Pink Buckle and Ruby Buckle Barrel Race ExplainedPink Buckle

The Pink Buckle was founded in 2018 by Chad Beus and Lance Robinson. Their goal with the Pink Buckle is to promote barrel racing Stallions owners and their offspring by creating the Pink Buckle Barrel Race.

To be a Pink Buckle eligible the stallion owners have to pay a fee of $25,000.00 each year with and there are only maximum of 50 Stallions within the Pink Buckle. The Pink Buckle eligible offspring have to pay a fee of $200.00 each year to be eligible compete at the Pink Buckle Barrel Races.

Pink Buckle offspring have to be paid up by their 4 year old year and to continue eligibility payments of $200 must be paid on a yearly basis to remain Pink Buckle eligible. If in the event that a Stallion dies or decides to no longer continue with the Pink Buckle program all offspring that are current with fees are eligible to race at the Pink Buckle Barrel Race. If your horse doesn’t have registration papers the Pink Buckle will accept a DNA test to prove eligibility of the offspring. More detailed information about the rules can be found here.

Pink Buckle 2021 Barrel Race FlierNow, what makes the Pink Buckle Barrel Race different from other million dollar barrel races like The American is that the race payout is not only for 1D riders.  The 2.7 million dollar payout is the total payout for the Pink Buckle Barrel is for several events such as the Futurity, Derby, Open & Youth races. What make the Pink Buckle Barrel Race special is the payout is huge for the  Open event for all four divisions and the money is split evenly amongst the four divisions. The youth race is set up in a 3D format with a $100,000 dollar payout that does not require an additional entry fee payment.  


Here is a breakdown of the 2021 events and 2.7 Million Dollar Payout:

EventPayoutSplitsDs Paid OutSpots Paid Out
1 D Futurity650,000 1D 20
2D Futurity200,0003/4 Sec 2D 20
Sale Futurity100,000 1D10
Amateur Futurity50,0003/4 Sec 1D10
Derby 1D175,000 1D15
Derby 2D75,0003/4 Sec 2D 15
Open1,100,0001/2 Sec 1D,2D,3D,4D20
Owner Rider Side pot150,000 1D15
Youth100,0001/2 Sec 1D,2D,3D10
4D Graduate Sale100,000 1D10
Pink Buckle Payout


Also, if you need a better understanding of division format and/or payout check out our links: Division Format & Race Payout.

Ruby Buckle

In 2019 Chad Beus and Ruby Buckle April 25- May 1 2021Lance Robinson introduced the Ruby Buckle which is similar to the Pink Buckle. The Ruby Buckle the Stallion owner enrollment fee is $7,000 with a maximum of 150 Stallions enrolled. Like the Pink Buckle the offspring fee is $200 each year to be eligible compete at the Ruby Buckle Barrel Races. The payout for 2021 is estimated to be $730,000 at each regional race totaling the payout to be 2.2 Million for all three races.

The eligibility for Ruby Buckle offspring is similar to the Pink Buckle. Ruby Buckle does allow DNA verification tests for eligible horses that do not have papers. Also for 2021 new Stallions that have just entered to the Ruby Buckle Stallion list their offspring can be eligible at any age with a $200 fee payment.  With the 3 regional race format this will enable those to compete for larger than average payouts in different areas of the US such as Utah, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

                                       Here is a breakdown of the 2021 Ruby Buckle Payout: 

EventPayoutSplitsDs Paid OutSpots Paid 
Open460,0001/2 Sec 1D,2D,3D,4D15
Futurity200,000 1D20
Futurity60,0003/4 Sec 2D10
Youth10,000 1D10
Ruby Buckle Payout

Undoubtedly both the Pink Buckle Barrel Race and the Ruby Buckle have opened a new and exciting opportunity to win a huge payout amongst all the divisions within a barrel race. Over the last year or two there has been an increase in demand and seemingly increase in price for both Pink & Ruby Buckle offspring. Be sure to check out both the Pink Buckle & Ruby Buckle websites and sign up for their newsletter to receive up to date information about their barrel races.

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