“Perfect form will save your life” -LLL

Perfect form will save your life

Perfect riding form is safer for the horse and rider.

If you practice this “perfect form” which is a combination of body positions it will do the following:

 1. Gives your body the most balance.    

2. Most efficient way for you to stay on the horse. 

3. Makes it easier for your horse to carry you.

The perfect riding form will simply provide they easiest way for your horse to carry you and is super important because it is the safest for the rider and the horse. Perfect riding form simply prevents trips, stumbles and falls.

Here are the basic riding positions for perfect form in order of importance.  

  1. Heels lower than the ball of your foot.  
  2. Shoulders over hips. 
  3. Look at your foot with the heel down, there should be 2 inches of your toe visible looking straight down from your knee 
  4. Hands out in front of you. Your elbows should not be going behind your ribs while operating the reins. 
  5. Shoulders level with the earth.  Regardless of the horse’s leaning, which happens during turning with increased speed, your shoulders should be the same as the earth. 
  6. Eyes forward and looking where you are traveling to. Look two imaginary horses ahead. Pretend there are 2 horses in front of you head to tail. Your horse will be looking where the second horse is.  

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