How to change your horse trailer tire?

How to change your horse trailer tire?

Here we are going to discuss an overview of trailer maintenance as well as how to change your horse trailer tire.

We are also going to discuss in step by step detail of how to change your horse trailer tire.

Let’s just face it a well maintained trailer will help you get to the barrel race…

… And the Barrel Racer that knows how to change a horse trailer tire will get you to the Barrel Race too…. 🐴

So here we go…

Horse Trailer / Rig

Your horse trailer/ rig is important to maintain otherwise you will not make it to the barrel race with your horse. Firstly, make sure that you have a solid spare tire that is in good condition and properly inflated to the required specifications.

It is also necessary make sure that you have the proper tire changing equipment available and ready for use at all times. Proper tire changing equipment would be: screw driver, a jack/ trailer aid, lug wrench, and wheel wedges cones/warning triangles.

Some people use a jack but other use a trailer aid wedge *. The trailer aid wedge allows Trailer aidyou to back up the trailer on to the wedge which allows you to give enough clearance to change the tire. If you use a jack be sure to carry a piece of wood that will allow you to place under the jack to give you a flat surface.

Lug wrench * is the tool that you use to loosen the lug nuts on aLug Wrench tire. They typically look like a plus sign with 4 different size socket sizes to take off the lug nuts. Typically you loosen the lug nuts on the tire prior to putting the trailer on a trailer aid or jacking the horse trailer up. The weight of the horse trailer allows you to turn the lug nuts while keeping the wheel stationary.

Wheel wedges or wheel chocks * wheel wedges or wheel chocksare super important when changing a tire. You set the wedges behind the good tire to prevent the trailer from rolling back when changing the tire. The wedges are used when the horse trailer is unhooked from the truck as well. The wedges are critical to keep a trailer stationary when un-hooked. If you don’t have a wedge you can use a piece of wood as an alternative to a wheel wedge.

Reflective warning triangles * or Warning Triangles cones are useful to place a reasonable distance from your trailer while changing your tire to let other drivers passing by know to slow down and be cautious while you are making your repair. Most people are in general cautious but with distracted driving on the rise it is probably better to be safer than sorry.

So, now we are going to go over what to do when the situation arises and you need to know how change the horse trailer tire.

How to change your horse trailer tire?

  1. Turn on hazard flashers to let other drivers know that your speed is decreasing etc.
  2. Find a place where you can safely change the tire like 12 or more feet. Make sure that you have enough room to safely get your horse off of the trailer if need be and have enough of room for your horse to be safely tied or stand.
  3. Once you have found the safe spot to complete the repair make sure that the driver of the truck puts the emergency brakes on to keep the truck and horse trailer from rolling.
  4. Be sure to put your key to the truck in a safe spot. Folks tend to misplace things when the unforeseen happens so to place the truck keys in a deliberate spot that will ensure that they will not be lost. Also, the majority of horse folks travel with dogs and we have seen dogs accidentally locking doors while tires are being changed. Keep this in mind too.
  5. Put your wedges behind the wheels for extra security.
  6. Safely put out your cones or warning triangles.
  7. Asses if you can perform the tire change with the horse on the trailer or if the horse needs to be removed.
  8. Some wheel bearings have protective covers or decorative covers over them. Use your screw driver to gently pry the cover off.
  9. Then use your tire iron to loosen the lug nuts.
  10. If you are using a tire aid then place the tire aid next to the opposing good tire an slowly back the horse trailer on the tire aid.
  11. If you are using the jack then place the wood under the jack to stabilize the jack. Place the jack where you can safely jack up the trailer. Similar to that of a truck or car.
  12. After the horse trailer is jacked up or on the trailer aid then finish removing the lug nuts.
  13. Place the spare tire on the trailer on the studs and slowly start to put the lug nuts back on by hand. When you tighten the lug nuts make sure that you fasten them down incrementally in an opposing manner. Opposing manner means start at the top then the bottom then left to right. The key here is to evenly tighten all the lug nuts down to prevent stress on a particular stud. Once every lug nut is snug you can lower the jack or move the horse trailer from the trailer aid. Then you finish tightening up the lug nuts.
  14. Collect your tire changing equipment and do not forget your warning triangles and wedges. Put all of your tire changing equipment back in their place.
Practice how to change your horse trailer tire.

So, now you have general idea of how to change your horse trailer tire. You might want to try practicing changing your horse trailer tire at home a couple of times. The practice will make you prepared if in the event that you might need to change your trailer tire in the future. Do not wait for incident to arise be prepared.

General Horse Trailer Maintenance is important too…

Now that we went over how to change a horse trailer tire it is a good time to go over trailer maintenance in general. Just like your car you should wash your trailer inside and out. Also with the inside you should pull your mats out and clean underneath them really good.

If you have wood flooring this is a great opportunity to check if your flooring is compromised. Also with aluminum flooring you need to check it as well. Believe it or not horse urine is acidic and can cause wear and tear on aluminum flooring. This is why it is important to clean your trailer floors at least once or twice a year.

When doing so it would be a good time to make sure that all indicators including the running lights and tail lights are in good working order. Most bulbs and fixtures are fairly easy to replace or repair.

You also might want to keep track of when your wheel bearings were last maintenance. Wheel bearing should be maintenance at least 1 time per year or every 20,000 miles. The wheel bearings are super important and is what keeps the wheels rolling on the axel.

If the wheel bearing is not properly maintained they can cause the wheel to seize up and quit turning. When wheel bearings do not turn the wheel there becomes the risk of potentially causing a fire. It would also be wise to check your bearings on your horse trailer if the horse trailer has not been used for a while.

There are equine road side services out there for horse trailers such as USRider for the avid equine traveler. But it is good to know how to change your horse trailer time considering that currently AAA doesn’t tow horse trailers.

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