GOAT of Barrel Racing ?

GOAT is the Greatest of All Time...

We couldn’t pick just one barrel racing athlete and that fit the bill for varying reasons.

GOAT of Barrel Racing

Many have several records and achievements that cannot be missed. Some old timers of barrel racing even say that the barrel horses have indeed gotten faster on the barrel pattern that years before.

Some athletes have made numerous qualifications at the Nationals Finals Rodeo (NFR) as well as winnings at the NFR multiple times but there are other athletes that have won several million dollars without going to the NFR multiple times.

So we decided to highlight some of the Goats in the sport of Barrel Racing and give you a brief overview why…

Charmayne James

Charmayne James started barrel racing at the age of 12 and won her first title at the age of 14 in 1984. Her story is quite inspirational. Basically Charmayne had to win to remain on the road and continue to be a contender.

Charmayne won a total of 11 NFR Barrel Racing titles the most in Women’s Professional Rodeo Assoc. (WPRA) history to date. Charmayne was also the first to win 1 Million in career earnings.

10 of the NFR Barrel Racing title she won on her horse Scamper and the 11 NFR title she won on her horse Cruiser in 2002.

The race that Charmayne & Scamper are most remembered for is the race where Scamper’s bridle broke and he still finished the pattern anyway for the win. The team of Charmayne & Scamper are truly the GOAT of Barrel Racing.  (See the video below)

Haley Kinsel

Hailey Kinsel started barrel racing at age 11. She went on to compete in High School Rodeo and later competed in College Rodeo when she was a student at Texas A & M. 

Hailey Kinsel won her first world title in 2018 and since then has won back to back to back world titles with her horse Sister from 2018, 2019 & 2020.

Kinsel and Sister hold the fastest time at the Thomas Mack arena with the time of 13.11. Due to Covid in 2020 the NFR moved to Arlington Texas at the Globe Life Arena. The Globe Life Arena had a standard pattern which is much larger than the Thomas Mack arena pattern.

Hailey and Sister clocked a 16.56 which was the fastest time on the standard pattern during the 2020 NFR. 

What is remarkable about Hailey is how she is able to keep Sister so sound for 3 years of tough qualifications to the NFR as well as performances in the NFR Finals at the end of each year. 

Being the current record holder of fastest barrel racing times and current 3 time NFR Champion the team of Sister and Hailey are truly the modern day GOAT of Barrel Racing. 


Kassie Mowry

Kassie Mowry started out riding English as a kid and crossed over to barrel racing. Although Mowry has not been a heavy hitter at the NFR with multiple qualifications she is the goat in the training and futurity barrel racing world. Kassie has won over 3 Million in futurity earnings.

Futurity barrel races are barrel races where the horses entered can only be 4 to 5 years of age. Keeping a young futurity horse sane and consistent is a true testament to Kassie’s superior training abilities and horsemanship skill set.

Kassie qualified for the NFR back in 2005 and elected not to take her two 4 year old & 5 year old mounts because she felt that their confidence on the pattern would be compromised early in their careers.  

This is exceptional horsemanship by Mowry because she was a total advocate for the horse.

Mowry also raised, owned & trained and futurity the highest futurity earning stallion Epic Leader.

Because of Mowry’s success in the barrel racing futurities with over 3 Million in earnings combined with her horsemanship she is the GOAT of Barrel Racing futurity barrel horses. 

Interesting Takeaways from the GOATs of Barrel Racing

  1. Consistent horses that love the job of barrel racing end up being great athletes.  ( Want to find out more?) 
  2. As a barrel racer it is important to figure out how to keep your horse sound. 

Feel free to share with us in the comments below your GOAT of Barrel Racing...

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