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Pod Casts are a great way to keep up with barrel racing and its athletes when you don’t have time to sit and read about the information. Barrel Racing Podcasts also give you information on best practices within the barrel racing industry as well.

Here we are going to list a few of our favorite barrel racing podcasts and why & what we enjoy about them. We hope that you find them as entertaining and interesting as we do.

The Feed Room Chemist

Feed Room ChemistThe Feed Room Chemist is a must listen podcast for barrel racers and horse owners in general. The Feed Room Chemist podcast was launched about a year ago and is hosted by Dr. Jyme Nichols an equine nutritionist with Stride Animal Health / Blue Bonnet Feeds.

Dr. Jyme Nichols also has an equestrian background and attended college on a Rodeo scholarship and later was the assistant coach at Montana State University and helped lead the team to a College National Championship. It is nice to know that first hand Dr. Nichols understands performance barrel horses and their regiment.

Backed with her scientific knowledge Dr. Nichols really explains the importance of nutrition with your horse that is easy to understand for everyone but with an emphasis on science. She also gives insight into additional supplements when needed if your horse has certain health conditions such as ulcers or other conditions.

After all you have to take care of your barrel horse so your barrel horse will take care of you. Good nutrition is always the first step. This is why this The Feed Room Chemist makes out best barrel racing podcast list and is a must listen to for barrel racing podcasts. 

You can check out The Feed Room Chemist on  Apple and Google

The Money Barrel

The Money BarrelThe Money Barrel is also a must listen to podcast for barrel racers. The Money Barrel is hosted by Kayla Jones. The Money Barrel has been podcasting for a year now. Being that the title is the Money Barrel and in barrel racing the money barrel is the first barrel the podcast lives up to its name of giving firsthand knowledge about barrel racing industry from producers breeders and barrel racing athletes.

What stands out with The Money Barrel Racing podcast is they give the barrel racing listener a good perspective on the industry which refreshing. I know we all like to hear from the super stars of the industry right now but it is nice to hear interviews with other aspects of the industry. You will be surprised in what you learn.

A good example would be the pod cast with Mary Ellen Hickaman the founder of Future Fortunes the first futurity incentive programs for breeders 7 stallion owners. You get insight on the journey of Hickaman with the beginnings of Future Fortunes as well as her perspective on the new futurities such as the Pink Buckle.

Another interesting barrel racing podcast is the interview with Bendi Dunn. For those who are or who want to be breeders this interview is nice because it centers around the mare being the foundation of the breeding program of Bendi Dunn rather than a stallion which is typically done.

The Money Barrel made it to our must listen to best barrel racing podcast because of its unique approach of topics within the barrel racing industry.  You can check out The Money Barrel on Apple or Google.

Racer's Edge

Racer's EdgeThe Racer’s Edge is hosted by Jeye Johnson & Hannah Haugen and sponsored by Equibrand the maker of Classic Equine products & Martin Saddles. They have been podcasting since 2016 and consistently since 2017. The Racer’s Edge also has episodes running on the RFD channel as well.

What make this podcast nice is that both Jeye & Hannah give the barrel racing podcast a real barrel racing friend environment. They primarily focus on the top racers and trainers within the industry like many other barrel racing podcasts do. But what makes the The Racer’s Edge special is that casts have an impromptu un-scripted or edited feel giving the listener more in-depth insight on the various journeys of who is being interviewed.

Another nice thing about the Racer’s Edge podcast is the show notes. In the show notes Racer’s Edge highlights segments of the interview but also videos of various runs discussed as well as pictures.

The Racer’s Edge makes the best barrel racing podcast list because of the natural feel of the conversations. You can check out the Racer’s Edge on Apple or Google

Tell us about your favorite barrel racing podcast.

Feel free to comment below with your favorite barrel racing podcast or send us an email.

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