“You're only as good as your pit crew!”

You're only as good as your pit crew

As in life, barrel racing is a community effort.  I do not know of any racers/performers that do not have an extensive support network.  The support network is your barrel racing pit crew.

What is a Pit Crew...

This term is used in NASCAR for the people whose tasks are supporting the driver at key intervals throughout the race.

Who is your Barrel Racing Pit Crew?

These are the people that help and encourage you at the barrel to race. Your barrel racing pit crew may be your immediate family member like your mother or father or maybe both. Your pit crew member can also be a friend or a fellow barrel racer.

Barrel Racing Pit Crew must be Positive & Kind

Your Barrel Racing pit crew are the people that help and encourage you at the barrel to race. Be kind to your pit crew!  Appreciate that they are your pit crew are at the barrel race for you. 

If you are a pit crew member to a barrel racing buddy then make sure that you support your friend’s race too.

Barrel Racing Pit Crew List to Do List..

  • Check that the legs armor/sport boots for your are correct.
  • Check that pad is a precise as possible on the horse.
  • Check saddle is in its optimal position.
  • Check the girth make sure it is snug and tight.
  • Check bridal has all mechanisms are in working order: chin strap, brow band and jaw strap are all in their predetermined adjustments.
  • Check the reins.  Are they correct length?
  • Check the jockey has the appropriate attire for the performance.  Some races require western attire or have a dress code.
  • Know the rules of entering and exiting the arena.  Some associations have time limits or specific instructions. Know these ahead of time. Have a plan to enter the alley if you need one. Go over the plan with your pit crew them before the race.
  • Have your pit crew be around the entrance of the arena or warm up areas. If something is becomes defective or breaks or forgotten your pit crew member can make a quick jaunt to the trailer to will remedy your situation.
  • Video the run. Ask your pit crew to video your runs. This is a crucial and easy pit crew task. The video will help to pin point corrections need for practice and also enable you to keep track of your race record.
  • Be there after the run!  Most people like support and someone to talk about their run right after the run.
Barrel Racing Pit Crew is a Supportive Role

The most important role of your barrel racing pit crew is to be supportive. Meaning if you have a bad race your pit crew is still there to support you after your run. 

The role of a  supportive barrel racing pit crew member will aid the jockey in focusing on the good aspect of the race but also aids in constructively analyzing the areas that are needed for improvement in a nice and constructive way. 

Such as, “Good first barrel  and second could have been better but you ran hard after the third. 

Your pit crew should also remind you to be positive and (they should be positive) in the reminder that there will be another run.

Your Barrel Racing Pit Crew enjoys the journey too.

Enjoyment of success either major or minor are no fun alone. Your Barrel Racing Pit Crew enjoys the journey too. 

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