5 Benefits of keeping a Barrel Racing Journal

Keeps your brain working

5 Benefits of a barrel racing journal

Your brain is a muscle like any other part of your body. We must work the brain to grow and be smarter. The exercises of writing down your thoughts in a journal increases your memory capacity, increases focus, cognitive processing and surprisingly journaling relieves stress.  By doing this in return will enable you to have a clear vision of your barrel racing goals and promote active thinking on how to achieve your goals.

Improves self-confidence & self-belief

Writing in your journal also improves self-confidence and self-belief. Horse people without a doubt already possess self-confidence and self-belief in the respect that they ride and handle on average a 1200 pound animal that prefers to eat grass all day. But just imagine of you can build on these qualities that you already possess. You can by writing in your barrel racing journal and by doing so will affirm that you are on the right path. Journaling allows you to view and affirm your smaller successes that help you attain your larger goals. This in return accumulates all of your smaller successes in to higher levels of belief and the ability of getting your goals completed.  

Tracking of progress

The barrel racing journal will enable you to track your progress effectively. Most people are reflective from the last race or event attended, but after a years’ worth of journaling you will be able to realize your total amount of accomplishments. This in return allows you to document your journey to your goal.

Improves discipline

By routinely writing in your barrel racing journal you are improving discipline. This can improve your discipline with other areas of the sport of barrel racing too. Within any sport there is a set of discipline that is needed to enable success.. Think about it. You write in your journal, you tack up with discipline towards perfection, practice with discipline towards perfection from basics horseback riding form to eye discipline. This type of discipline in your routine will lead to better muscle memory for race day. Discipline can radiate throughout every aspect of your sport of barrel racing and in return can make you tough to beat.

Makes your ideas and goals your own

Barrel racing journals allows you to individually assimilate your own ideas and thoughts on paper that relate to your own circumstances.  Most barrel racers love the Fallon Taylor documentaries about her journey of goal attainment, successes, and obstacles. But at the end of the day those are Fallon Taylor’s. By writing in your barrel racing journal you are facilitating and manifesting your own ideas and thoughts. These thoughts and ideas are relative to your own set of circumstances and that are specific to you and only you.  By writing in your barrel racing journal this practice helps manifest in your mind and align your thoughts and ideas with yourself.

Makes you a better learner

By actively writing in your barrel racing journal you are allowing yourself to be a better learner. Successful learners have the ability to identify problems and evaluate what they know and also develop what is needed to be known to better increase an understanding or to solve a problem in general. Many very successful horse trainers either in the barrel racing industry or even in other disciplines have stated that they are constantly learning.

Hopefully these 5 benefits of keeping a barrel racing journal becomes inspirational and makes Barrel Racing Journaling is a useful tool as well as a great way to document your journey. After all the win is great but the journey is the reward.  We have barrel racing journals available.  Want more detailed information on the benefits check out Richard Kent’s book, “Writing on the Bus”

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