4 Mistakes to Avoid while Practicing

Here we are going to go over 44 mistakes to avoid while practicing mistakes to avoid while practicing.

Every practice should include a 100% of your effort if you expect for your barrel horse to give you 100% of their effort. 

Remember a good barrel horses only has so many runs in them, so you should make every run count with perfect practice.

4 Mistakes to Avoid while Practicing

1. Avoid Bad Practice

Bad practice is a waste of your time and will lead to poor muscle memory for you the rider and also for your horse. 

Muscle memory is the act of committing a specific motor skill or task into memory.

Through muscle memory your body performs the task or skill without much required thought in the process. Muscle memory tasks are super beneficial at the race when you are traveling at high rates of speed.

For your barrel horse it takes approximately 3 times for a horse to learn a bad habit.  Meaning if you hit the same barrel 3 times in a row your horse has picked up the bad habit. 

2. Do not Practice Lazy

Lazy practice is a waste of time leads to bad habits that will manifest to your barrel race. Bad muscle memory. Every moment of practice is an opportunity to include something that will help you win your races. 

3. Do not practice with distractions.

Distractions will interfere with developing excellent muscle memory and focus for both  you and your horse. 

Make sure that you put your cell phone down and try to keep your phone far away from your practice area to avoid the distraction.

Distracted riding is just as dangerous as distracted driving.  

Practicing with others is great for positive discussions and feedback.  But be aware of those that choose to “hang out” and talk rather than practice.  

4. Don't Practice if you are having a bad day.

Know your limitations. If you’re having a bad day or not feeling up to 100%, do not practice. Have a play day with your horse instead. Do something your horse likes to do and seeing him or her enjoy themselves will make you feel better.

Perfect practice makes winning runs.

Remember that perfect practice makes winning runs. By practicing perfect you will be riding more safely while building rapport with your horse. This is return will enable you and your horse to have more confidence on race day. 


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